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Shawn Law Dominates in ‘Dirty Story’....Watching Shawn Law spiral from asshole author to abusive maniac, and then the physical embodiment of Palestinian rage is both thrilling and a bit scary. Law seems to bring everything he has to Brutus, executing a completely believable character arc throughout Act I, and captivating an almost empathetic ire in Act II.


~Dirty Story: Intiman Theatre ~ City Arts Magazine



....Every actor who wears Hamlet's "inky cloak" of grief, tries to make the role his own.  Law does that, and with such zest and intensity that resistance is futile......


this is one of the wackier Hamlets in memory .....Law's gamble is more than a stunt, amazingly, because he's so compellingly watchable, and he intones the verse with such ease and comprehension it sounds fresh and unfusty.


~Hamlet ~ Seattle Times

"As Stanley, Law reminded me of Marlon Brando in the classic film version of the play. He was bold and brash, the man of the house type character, brutish in his mannerisms and beliefs, and he even carried himself like Brando. It is probably difficult taking on such a pivotal role synonymous with a legendary actor, yet Law pulled it off beautifully and seamlessly."


~ A Streetcar Named Desire ~ Tacoma Weekly


Law in particular finds a seemingly limitless repertoire of nuanced suffering as he absorbs everyone else's abuse.


~Reasons to Be Pretty ~ Seattle Weekly



Shawn Law (John) subtly but powerfully inhabits his role. No gesture, no tone of voice goes beyond what's necessary to capture the audience.


 ~The Violet Hour: Seattle Public Theatre ~ Seattle Times



Shawn Law, as Lancelot, is a beacon of hilarity in this otherwise rather tense show


~Merchant of Venice~Broadway Hour



For comic prowess, however, Shawn Law outdoes everyone as Bottom, going so whimsically over-the-top that if you aren't laughing with him, you'll most certainly be laughing at him.


~A Midsummer Night's Dream ~ Seattle Times



Shawn Law is one of the busiest young actors in town, going from “The Laramie Project” to “reasons to be pretty” to this production and his range and stamina are evident in his performance as Laertes, as he shapes a character that is as equally believable as the callow youth of the first act as he is as the vengeful but conflicted enemy of Hamlet in the second act.


 ~Hamlet: Seattle Gay News


Shawn Law does a remarkable job selling and differentiating the dangerous Tybalt and hopeless, and rather sketchy, Paris.
~Romeo & Juliet ~ The Sunbreak



Mr Law not only revels in the role as the ultimate selfish, self-centered show biz bastard, he nails the British accent AND looks smashing running around the stage for the first 10 minutes of the show in his underpants and a skimpy robe.


 ~ My Wonderful Day ~ Seattle Gay News



Greg is another of LaBute's low-achiever schleps — a compelling one in the detailed, persuasive portrayal by Shawn Law. Clearly intelligent and literate this shaggy, seemingly easygoing guy has trapped himself in a dead-end warehouse job.


 ~ reasons to be pretty ~ Seattle Times

..the excellent Shawn Law, a Unitarian pastor who is preposterously terrible at counseling his flock through bad times. 


~The Happy Ones ~ Seattle Times   



Law gives the most vibrant performance at hand — a textured account of Millais shot through with intellectual fire, boyish delight and watchful ardor.

~ The Countess ~ Seattle Times


Law adroitly handles roles that require left-field, split-second transformations.

~ Dirty Story: Intiman ~ Seattle Times



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